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The British Medical Association – Playing Every Side Badly

The British Medical Association likes to represent all sides of the debate and to lobby government as the “doctors’ union”.  In 2009, its published accounts showed that it was flogging a new service to attract members and swell its coffers.  … Continue reading

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Cynthia Bower – A Career

Anyone interested in the patient safety scandals that have hit the NHS in recent years, might want to take a few moments to chart the meteoric rise of Cynthia Bower.  She comes from the West Midlands SHA “stable”, as does … Continue reading

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The Care Quality Commission and Turkeys

The best way to create a useless regulator is not to make it toothless, but to make it stupid.  When Cynthia Bower became the CEO of the Care Quality Commission, the first thing she did was to preside over a … Continue reading

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Kim Holt Speaks Out On Baby P… To Other Doctors

This is a short piece written by Dr Kim Holt on the paediatric service failing and running into the ground before Baby P’s death.  She talks about the experience and gives advice to other doctors who may have concerns in … Continue reading

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The Airline Pilot Who Lost His Wife

Martin Bromiley doesn’t think he is a “whistle-blower”. He doesn’t believe he made great sacrifices and he didn’t have to fight anyone – he just wanted to help clinicians and the NHS do things safer. And he believes his journey … Continue reading

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The Bristol Files and the Victims’ Solicitor

Joint lead solicitor to the 300 members of Bristol Heart Children Action Group at the Bristol Inquiry, instructed in over 100 litigation cases arising from Wisheart or Dhasmana operations at Bristol in the years 1982 – 1995 INTRODUCTION The lack … Continue reading

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All Those Other Pay-Offs

Here’s the full data received from the Department of Health and the Public Accounts Committee on other pay-offs. We would very much like to know who and why. Get the File »      

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All Those Pay-Offs In Full

To accompany the Private Eye special we are today publishing full details of all severance payments (usually with gagging clauses) by Foundation Trust – so that any NHS worker can inspect the data.  The data is courtesy of Sir David … Continue reading

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Professor Mike Chester and Unnecessary Stents

I was appointed SR 1995 and trained in interventional cardiology in one of the big specialist heart centres. I discovered the problem of patients undergoing inappropriate heart procedures (mainly angioplasty and stent) almost immediately after I set up a clinic … Continue reading

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Professor David Hands, Suicides, Bullying and a Mental Health Trust

David Hands is a visiting Professor in Health Policy and Management in the University of Glamorgan who has repeatedly tried, since 2006, to get a proper independent investigation of allegations of institutionalised bullying at Northamptonshire Healthcare specialist mental health trust. … Continue reading

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