The Bristol Council Committee

“Overall there is no evidence to lead us to believe that the (UH Bristol histopathology) department provides anything other than a safe service” – The Inquiry.

Analysis of the Bristol Histopathology Inquiry Report and the Sheffield/Burton table belie the above statement from University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust’s (UBHT) Inquiry Panel chaired by Jane Mishcon.

On 19th July 2011, I gave this public submission to Bristol Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Commission on behalf of three women of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Bristol Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Commission Public Forum – Final 19th July 2011

Oh – and the GMC is investigating a Bristol pathologist and Monitor has put UHBT into amber/red for governance following the Bristol Histopathology Inquiry.

Here is the Sheffield/Burton Table referred to in my submission:

Sheffield Burton Table

UHBT and NBT (North Bristol NHS Trust) Medical Directors Drs Sheffield & Burton presumed to comment on whether patients had been harmed without bothering to contact them and inform them (the ones still alive) that they had selected their cases for review in the Inquiry – a breach of their own clinical governance procedures.

Dr Burton told a group of female patients and members of the public in a June 2010 meeting about NBT’s breast care services that “women need to be told what’s safest”, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Dr Burton & Dr Sheffield thought it was OK to keep patients and their families in the dark about evidence to the Inquiry.

What is it about Bristol?




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2 Responses to The Bristol Council Committee

  1. Peter says:

    What is it about Bristol? I speak as a doctor who has applied for a job there, looked around, listened to the vibe, and now gone elsewhere. Answer: it’s inbred. No outside ideas. No ‘incomers’. A feeling of no oversight. Small town, banana republic you get the idea.

  2. Daphne Havercroft says:

    Peter, I do get the idea. Bristol is a curate’s egg. Some excellence tainted by the bad.

    I wish you well in your post elsewhere.

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