Bill Moyes’ Lunches

Dr Bill Moyes was the Executive Chair of Monitor from 2003 to 2010.  In the Mid Staffs Public Inquiry the lead medical investigator at the trust, Dr Heather Wood, said Bill had a tendency to discount patients’ evidence as “anecdotal”.  Indeed, in one of Bill Moyes’ private letters, he writes about the use of evidence from “staff, patients and relatives.”  He doesn’t think much of them.  He says, “it is not clear the people making these comments were qualified to reach these judgements, or that any independent corroborations was [sic] obtained.  As such these opinions are likely to be hearsay….”

Delightful stuff for the grieving relatives and the patients who had been left in their own faeces.  Later in the same letter Bill goes on to say he would take “particular” account of “the work that PWC has been doing at the trust.”  It turns out that before Mid Staffs was exposed, PWC has been hired to do a parallel investigation before the Healthcare Commission.

So why would Bill favour the private sector in making judgements on cleaners, wards, and avoidable deaths? Before coming to Monitor, Dr Moyes worked for the Bank of Scotland in the early and heady days of PFI.  He is listed as the director of various PFI hospital projects around the country under the Catalyst Brand.  The same company was behind the PFI for the Queen’s Hospital in Romford Essex which is advertised as being “more akin to a hotel than a hospital” with “clinical and aesthetic values”.  The “hotel hospital” hasn’t really worked out for patients, and last year trust the Audit Commission issued a public interest notice against the trust.   The trust is paying £20million a year to the PFI company at an interest rate of 4.6 %.

When Dr Moyes came to regulate hospitals, he gave up all his directorships in Catalyst companies.  When we asked Dr Moyes if he still held shares or received income from his PFI ventures, we received a lawyers’ letter.  It claimed that Dr Moyes at “no point held any shares in any of the SPV’s in question nor did he benefit personally in any way from any profits made by these SPV’s”.

When we asked if this meant that Dr Moyes had effectively been working as a pro bono banker for these new PFI hospitals we received no reply.  However, after a lengthy FOI battle, we did manage to obtain Dr Moyes lunch and dinner list for his time as regulator of foundation trusts.

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  1. Rachel Lindley says:

    Single patients / relatives reports can be useful studies where n=1.
    1+1+1+1+….. etc is what research is all about because then you can make a global view.

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