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If you feel there is information which must be published, or would like to talk to us on how to evidence your concerns in the public interest, there are four methods of contacting us (from less to more secure):

  1. FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW.  This is not secure and may leave a trace in the browser history.  Think about installing and using TOR, which will randomise your IP address making it untraceable.
  2. EMAIL us on  Make sure the email is not traceable to yourself, and remember email can leave an audit trail, so if possible use computers off your normal network or an address which cannot be traced to yourself.  A good way of increasing security is to install a piece of software called TOR which will randomise your IP address, making it untraceable.  You could/should also use an internet cafe but remember to a) make sure it is not being CCTV’d, and b) to pay in cash without giving your identity.  Keep your documents on an external stick and do not copy over to the computer.
  3. TELEPHONE us on our secure VOIP line and leave a message or arrange to talk.  The number is 020 3137 8375 (we have recently changed number for added security – please use this one).  This option is also not secure.  Whenever you make a telephone call, the outgoing number will be stored with the service provider, even if you withdraw your number.  The best answer therefore is to call from a public telephone box unmonitored by CCTV, or call using a new pay-as-you-go mobile, paid for in cash from a place that doesn’t require registering.
  4. SECURELY DISCLOSE documents.  We are working on a secure disclosure system, free from trace and a safe from sub poena.  A secure online dropbox will be available soon.  Check back here in the next month.

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