Who’s “W” At The Department of Health


Civil servants have often toiled with openness like a terminal immune system illness.  And David Cameron’s new commitment to openness and transparency does not seem to have made any impression on the mandarins at the wheel in the Department of Health.  It’s just another infection to deal with.

Sir Peter Bottomley asked Anne Milton MP, the minister for whistleblowing, who was the responsible official for whistleblowing at the Department of Health.  Answer came there…. “Unfortunately, as a policy we would not give out official’s name for this area, however, you can direct any enquiry to Lauren Jones, Asst P Secretary who will ensure the official responds.”

This unhelpful answer leaves it open to speculation that the civil servant responsible for whistleblowing is so secret, and so deep under cover, that operational reasons require no disclosure of his or her identity.  Indeed, the civil servant in question presumably signs all correspondence with a “W” in green ink, just like a more famous “C”.

If you would like to help MedicalHarm solve this conundrum, please do get in touch.  Meanwhile, if you are a doctor with concerns about surgical safety or patient safety, rest assured that your communications will be sent deep into the bowels of the department, where a creature who cannot be exposed to sunlight beavers away at whistleblowing, writing only in green ink.

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